Enjoy Christmas Food Without Guilt


December is a month of feeling cozy and warm, celebration with friends & family, eating, drinking and laughing, games and dancing. One of my favourite months.

Let me share some of my secrets to get me through guilt free while still being able to enjoy chocolates, and Christmas treats, baking, Eggnog, hot chocolate, turkey dinner, apple pie, fancy drinks. Calories++++

Find Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress
As much fun as the holidays can be there is usually a little added stress, which can lead to emotionally eating. Emotionally eating tends to leave us feeling hungry, unsatisfied and guilty.

Instead, take time for yourself so that you can recharge. Try going for a walk, or running an errand, making a cup of tea, or putting on your favourite music. If you have snow build a snowman and enjoy the outdoors. Fresh air and exercise are a great remedy to feel better.

Ensure Mindful Eating & Drinking
I want you to enjoy the holidays and all that it has to offer. You can have fancy drinks and deserts. Instead, of having a big piece of pie take just a sliver, instead of going for seconds slow down and enjoy each bite of food so you don’t overeat, instead of having 3 eggnogs & rum start with 1 and choose something with less calories on your next drink.

Take the time and enjoy all the flavours, take the time and slow down and visit with friends & family. Your first bite is always the best anyway, small servings will be just as satisfying as the large ones.

Choose Water
Tis the season to hydrate with good ol H2O. Drink water before each meal, drink water between each cocktail. Staying hydrated will help you to eat less as sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger, it will help to flush out the toxins and impact your energy levels and you will feel much better because of it.

Don’t Wait for New Years
New Year resolutions never last so I suggest to start getting active now. Try just 5 minutes of movement each day. Yoga in the morning, a walk in the afternoon, or dancing with the kids at night. Being active does not mean you have to go to a gym and workout for 1 hour.

It should be something you enjoy, otherwise you will not want to keep at it. If you start now it will be easier to keep going in January. Plus, you will feel great! I have never met someone that felt worse after moving their body. Its a win win!

Happy Holidays xoxo Jessica