I am here to provide you with consistent guidance + accountability. To help you discover which hormones have been holding you back, break free from unhealthy patterns + lose weight for good.

It’s time to make lasting changes through simple steps—and with me by your side!


My 1 on 1 Full Support Coaching Program

It is time to completely revamp your health, hormones, daily habits, fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress and mindset. Determining which hormones are out of balance will help us to establish a baseline of where to start, or why you haven’t been able to feel your best or lose weight. I am here to provide you constant guidance, support and accountability to overcome your old habits and make positive changes in your life. 

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6 Pillars to rebalance the body & gain control over your weight

My 1 on 1 Coaching Program has a 6 pillar holistic approach. This is why traditional diets & just going to the gym doesn’t work. It doesn’t factor in the other influences in your life that are limiting your ultimate results. 


Three months is the beginning of the new you. When you are ready to put in the work, the results will happen. Small, consistent habits always win.

Fast fixes are a thing of the past and we already know they don’t last.

I will break it down to simple steps and be with you—every step of the way!

Making the Positive Shift!

10 years ago, I remember wanting to give up. I was a single mom, living in a basement suite with maybe $100 to my name, I felt embarrassed and wondered how I had gotten here. At that moment I told myself that no one has the ability to change my life except me. I booked an appointment and got the tattoo Keep Moving Forward  between my shoulder blades. I realized that I could allow myself to crumble or keep moving forward. I started to believe that I had the ability to make changes

I was hiding from fear of failing again and stress. At the time I didn’t realize how out of balance my hormones were. Unknowingly, working out became my outlet. Which helped me manage my stress & cortisol levels. Creating simple habits became my self-care. I nourished my body, and focused on my mindset. Once, I learned how to manage my hormones, I started to feel my best again.

Once you believe you can, you can too! I know what it is like to be hard on yourself, lack motivation, be engulfed in stress, or feel guilty for self-care & taking care of your health. I still remember that fear of failing and that is why I am so passionate to help you to overcome these barriers too.

xo Jessica

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Let’s Balance Your Hormones & Gain Control Over Your Weight

I can not wait to join you on this journey of transformation. The future you will thank yourself for your commitment today.

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Jessica’s approach to fitness with me has been patient and thorough while still challenging me to push myself. She does not hustle but instead encourages me to make small changes at a time which ultimately will (and have) become part of a new healthy lifestyle for me.

My mood has improved, I have more strength, and  I have the endurance to run around and play with my boys. I feel stronger, happier, and more motivated than I have ever been and I cannot express my gratitude enough to Jessica for helping me achieve that.”



Jessica taught me about habits; cultivating my habits specifically… this is essential to my health.  Habits can make or break my chance of achieving my personal lifestyle goals.  Jessica broke this process of building a habit into four steps… breaking a it down helped me to understand what a habit is and how to improve my likelihood for success.  Thank you Jessica, such a simple concept but life-changing.



Before I met Jessica, I was in an exercise rut. I was only exercising on my days off work. Now, I have found a happy balance of working out 4 to 5 times a week and working full time. I am motivated to keep trying and keep challenging myself.

This is a lifestyle change for me. I feel stronger. I have more energy. I walk a little taller. I sleep amazing at night. Life is just better in general.