The Hormone Balancing Membership

Gain control over your weight

& balance your hormones.


Love Your Body and Feel Amazing

I hear you, you have been trying for a long time to feel better and have tried ALL the things, diets, cleanses, detoxes, workouts, supplements, doctor visits, and yet nothing seems to work long term. The weight just won’t come off, and may even be slowly increasing.

The Hormone Balancing Membership focuses on helping you to go deeper then surface level symptom solving or short term solutions. Let’s discover the root cause together. You will start to learn about your body and why you feel the way you do. 

No more fad diets, trendy skinny tea or shake programs. Instead, new healthy patterns for lifetime results of weight control & balanced hormones. Monthly support for you to start feeling your best.


I see you, you don’t have to suffer alone anymore.

Millions of women suffer from hormone imbalances and the truth is our hormones fluctuate daily. My personalized wellness plan & lifestyle recommendations will show you in easy steps how to find hormonal balance.

xo Jessica

i'm ready to start today

I am excited to show you how you can: 

How the membership works *(minimum 3 month commitment)

Month 1: Online Health History Intake 60 Minutes 

+Detailed assessment on lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, goals, symptoms, medical history, health concerns

+Initial access to your private portal app where you will find next steps to your wellness plan 

+Develop health goals together 

+Initial action plan: nutrition, health & lifestyle recommendations & guideline found in your app


Month 2: 45 Minute Private Video Consultation

+Accountability support check-in

+Hormone assessment

+Personalized Wellness Plan based on your bio-individuality & hormone assessment for hormone balance

+Additional resources & supplement information


Month 3+ and Beyond: 45 Minute Private Video Consultation 

+Accountability support check-in

+Updates to your personal wellness plan for hormone balance

+Additional resources & tools provided based on needs

+Next action steps for your health journey 

Here’s What's Included in the Plans

Access daily, weekly & monthly tasks all through your own private portal in an app to help you stay accountable & organized.

Nutritional Guide & Digestion Support  Let me help you nourish your body and heal your gut.

Toxin Removal  Working on being toxin free & to find hormonal balance.

Rest & PNS Resetting  Learn how to improve melatonin (our sleep hormone) & feel more in balance.

Stress & SNS Regulation  Calming the Central Nervous System & combating cortisol.

Exercise Recommendations  Lets find a program that works for you.

Mindset & Routine Guidance  My system will allow you to celebrate each small step you take so you feel successful through your journey.

Supplementation Education  Supplements are an easy additional way to nourish the body or help heal a symptom in addition to the methods above. 

Plus additional resources based on your unique needs.


who i work with

My focus is to help women that feel they have had a lifetime of difficulty and feel that their concerns have never truly been addressed or answered. I especially love helping women who may be navigating the following:

Lets Work Together

Membership is available online, after you join we will connect to schedule your month 1 appointment.  Any additional questions feel free to read through our FAQ.  Looking forward to helping you feel your best & gain control of your weight.

join the membership

The services I offer are not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to substitute for a physician’s consultation. Together we explore what the root cause of your symptoms are.


Why a 3 month commitment?

Just visiting 1 time leaves you with more questions once your lab results come back in. 3 months is required to establish a baseline of new habits to follow once we know where your hormone imbalances are.

The membership will auto renew each month until cancelled after the 3 month commitment. I recommend to stay with the membership program for as long as possible, as it is easy to get off track when making lifestyle changes. Having check-ins with wellness plan updates is a great way to continue to improve your health, feel better & continue to gain control over your weight. 

Why do my hormones need to be balanced to lose weight?

When you hormones are unbalanced they can cause cells to store fat, may cause slowing of digestion, poor nutrient absorption, change how energy is released, stimulate appetite, cause fatigue or low mood which then makes you want to sit and eat comfort foods.

When will I notice results?

Some women may experience changes in how they feel right away. Each person based on their symptoms, lifestyle, desire to change & following through with their program will experience change differently. Trust the process & stay consisent for best results.

How & when can I cancel my membership?

Memberships can be cancelled anytime after your 3rd visit. All cancellations can be completed online under your account.